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Understand your customers better

Track what matters with Google Analytics 4

Used by

+ 100’s of other shopify & woocommerce store owners!

producthunt special: 50% off all packages ๐Ÿš€

Understand your customers better

Track what matters with Google Analytics 4

Used by

+ 100’s of other shopify & woocommerce store owners!

We’re proud to work with the best

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.

get the insights you need to drive growth for your business

aov & ltv

understand your customers’ average order value and lifetime value to your business

campaign performance

understand which marketing campaigns are driving outcomes

funnel %’s

map out the conversion rates through your entire funnel over time.

cohort monitoring

compare how different types of users behave

we built zippy so you don’t have to stress about tracking, We take care of everything so that you can focus on what you do best

๐Ÿ‘‰ execute ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

Not your grandma’s google analytics 4 services โšก๏ธ

We work across across your entire stack to optimize performance & speed.

Cohort monitoring

Compare behaviors across different types of users, so you can refine your marketing strategies accordingly.

Google data studio reporting

get comprehensive custom reports custom-built for you

Acquisition reporting

Know where your users are coming from & invest in the most effective channels for attracting traffic (and conversions).

event tracking

Gain insights on how users interact with your website, helping you optimize for better engagement.

user path analysis

See the journey your customers take on your site before making a purchase

funnel analysis

Understand where in the user journey people drop off

Conversion analysis

Understand the behaviors and pathways that lead to purchases

product performance

See what customers are purchasing which products – and when in their journey

& more

Above and beyond. Expect comprehensive, customized solutions to supercharge your WooCommerce site.

at jetpet, our conversion rate went up 5% after going through with zippy’s optimization service. we were shocked. this service easily paid for itself, and we would buy it again in an instant for other projects!

James Woller

co-owner at jetpet

packages for every woocommerce store

Audit + setup


business objective analysis
analytics infrastructure analysis
ecommerce tracking
report audit & building
data quality testing
customer journey analysis
Detailed reporting w/ recommendations


For stores doing $20k+ MRR
Custom speed optimization services for complicated infrastructures.

meet the zippy guarantee

it’s our promise to you about how we’ll fulfill your order

<7 day setupโšก๏ธ

Lightning fast service. We guarantee your GA4 will be set up within 24 hours, or your money back.

100% accurate tracking โœจ

No room for error. We ensure every single user action is accurately tracked.

30 day support ๐Ÿ›ก๏ธ

We stand by our setup. If you encounter any issue with your GA4 setup within the first 30 days, we’ll resolve it free of charge. If not, your money back.

Or you’ll get a 100% refund

Read the full guarantee below

ready for insights?

request a proposal from our team

ready for speed?

the faster you speed up your site, the faster you take advantage of an increased conversion rate & better SEO rankings.

still got questions?

What types of woocommerce stores are a fit for your services?

We don’t discriminate. Any typical woocommerce install is a good fit for our services. If you’ve developed complicated custom solutions within your business, it’ll likely take us extra effort.

will using your service improve our seo?

Generally, Google ranks websites that provide a better user experience higher in it’s search results. A fast site is a site with a better user experience. It’s highly likely this is a direct and indirect factor for Google’s rankings.

What if I don’t hit <2s load speeds?

This is rare, but if it does happen – we’ll do our best to recommend moves for you to make in order to hit that <2s load speed. If the case qualifies for the zippy guarantee, we’ll process a refund.

Will I get a chance to ok changes before you make them?

Yes & no – depending on the change. Simple, reversible changes we will just make. Complicated changes we’ll seek your input on.

Will my store need to experience downtime?

If you’ve got a staging server, we’re happy to optimize there. Otherwise, there’s a risk of limited downtime in the case we’re making changes while customers are trying to checkout.

Who do you usually work with?

Our typical clients are small-to-mid size ecommerce stores with lots of SKU’s and limited (or distractd!) engineering capability in-house.

will you optimize my images?

Yep, depending on your site, we’ll be – at a minimum – losslessly processing all your images.

How do you manage plugin conflicts?

Carefully & with lots of testing!

Have you worked with high-traffic sites before?

Yep – lots of them.

Have you worked with WPML?

Yep – and we can handle optimizations for these sites as well.

what’s your technical support policy after you speed up my site?

For essentials: we’ll be around for a month to support
For advanced: we’ll be around for 3 months to support

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